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About Us

Welcome to the Gaslight Terrace North community website! Our mission is to foster a stronger sense of community, encourage meaningful connections, and serve as a reliable resource for our neighbors.

Through this platform, we aim to continue to nurture an inclusive and vibrant neighborhood where residents can come together, share information, and participate in exciting initiatives that enhance the quality of life for all of us.

From highlighting local events and improvement projects to providing valuable resources, our goal is to cultivate an atmosphere where everyone feels informed, engaged, and connected.

Together, let's continue building this community that we're proud to call home.



Meet Christie Gabriel, a local real estate agent at Keller Williams Inspire in Algonquin and a proud resident of Gaslight Terrace North. Christie's connection to the neighborhood goes way back. As a child, her mom worked as a waitress at Wine and Roses, now known as Twisted Rose, just a stone's throw away from the neighborhood. Little did Christie know then that one day she would call this picturesque neighborhood with its gaslight-lined streets her home.

In 2021, Christie and her family had an opportunity to purchase a recently renovated home on Surrey Lane. Recognizing the turn-key interior, they eagerly took the plunge and embarked on a project to restore the nearly 3/4 acre lot to its former glory as a magical native woodland. The journey is ongoing, with persistent invasive species like Honeysuckle, Buckthorn, Bittersweet Vine, Garlic Mustard, and Pokeweed, but Christie and her family are determined to reclaim the land's natural beauty. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting transformation!

Christie's partner, Ryan Gabriel, has worked in the tech industry for 15 years, and currently leads a team at a prominent CRM platform. Ryan not only built the website but also created, another valuable resource that Gaslight Terrace residents should explore. Their two boys, aged nine and eighteen, actively contribute to both websites, assisting Christie with research, gathering photos, and even diving into site development and coding alongside Ryan.

From their childhood roots in the area to their recent return, Christie and her family are thrilled to be back in Gaslight Terrace North. They are grateful for the opportunity to keep the community informed and advocate for its needs through this platform. With their dedication and passion, Gaslight Terrace North is in capable hands.